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i think after tom sold myspace it all basically went to shit.

myspace had all the freedom to customize HTML/CSS to your front page, like everything except maybe the favicon? also had all the content too: blogs, bulletins, groups/forums, pictures, music, and even videos. until the new system was implemented and corrupted all the files. it really was the one stop shop of social-multimedia!

the other option¬†brand X is facebook which is like the government version of myspace tagging pictures of you from surveillance cameras. NO i don’t want to sign into another website using my facebook WTF is that shit!? DISLIKE

then there’s¬†linkedin which is like if the DMV made a social network.


otherwise everything else has been diced up into smaller pieces on individual sites:

twitter is basically the “bulletin” section on steroids.

reddit is like the “groups/forums” section?




vine/snapchat/tiktoktime sensitive piece of video?


more accounts, more passwords, more usernames, WTF is going on!

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