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depending on your work flow; organizing computer files can become overwhelming if unmaintained. whether you’re frustrated with keeping icons in place or struggling to stay awake from the sheer boredom of sorting files, there’s alternative methods than the conventional interfaces we’ve grown accustomed to.

in your average search for organization utilities you might come across applications like RocketDock and Fences, but the one program i recommend is an awesome 3D user interface which incorporates physics and tricks… almost like real life muscle memory. dare i say almost makes organizing fun, for MAC & PC:


the project started in 2006, then was acquired by google after a TED talk but for some unfortunate reason was shelved in 2010. luckily source code was released in 2016. even though i’m late to the scene i’d like to dust this program off, and breath some new life with a couple fresh themes i’ve created. ultimately shine a light on a project i don’t want to slip away beyond the open source limbo it’s currently in… there’s SO much more potential here!

Hyper Purple


Hyper Black


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