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Metal Gear BREX!

normally i wouldn’t discuss lego because there’s people that get $ to play with them, and that’s already discouraging enough. i get reminded of the couple minutes of stop motion lego claymation i slaved over using a VHS camcorder, where i had a lego medieval knight vs. a clay-monster in a deathmatch! which my sisters unfortunately recorded nonsense over it before the internet or youtube was around to upload it… so it’s lost in time… forever. story of my life! sure my buddies back in the underfunded ROP animation class tried to rekindle my spirit by animating action figures (over a decade before robot chicken was a thing). but i just kept to the traditional black and white cell animation we were assigned to do, page per page, drawing per drawing… even though we all signed up for 3D CGI animation! (that shows you how really underfunded this course was!) anyway, watching the lego movie in theater the metalbeard character brought a piece of my childhood back. he alone symbolically embodied the things i would master build using my various lego sets. that pirate was like a technics bionicles classic pirate set infusion! fucking awesome.

will ferrel’s cityscape was more ambitious than the dioramas i would build. i’d have castles and knights on one side, robin hood and villagers in foresty vegetation in the middle,  then pirates on the other side, later added star wars in the mix! it was all for looks like will’s cityscape but i didn’t superglue my pieces because that’s crazy… which crazyglue was the perfect weapon in the movie. and during the movie i could see how and why they had to arrive at that conflict! envisioning them nodding in agreement during a conference, swatting the projected storyboard with a collapsible presentation pointer.

anyway, after all the hype from the movie i went digging around in my boxes and tupperware and grabbed the last thing i master built. i don’t think it really fit in with my lego diorama, but this misfit was worth sharing… obviously inspired by Metal Gear! basically a composite of buildings, cars, helicopters, and space remnants mostly… if i ever get financially stable with the time and area necessary to recreate my lego diorama ecosystem i’ll have to take pix and document it as well.

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