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Quake III Arena

prolly the best multiplayer ever

Quake 3 Arena

this polished gem from idSoftware is prolly the best FPS multiplayer experience of ALL TIME!

yes, it’s an old game… but believe me there’s new stuff you learn about it all the time. like Minecraft’s “Notch” wanted to settle a dispute with Bethesda on a 1 vs. 1 using this platform. Which is pretty fucking awesome if you ask me, i like the cut of this mans jib!

indeed, i’d rather settle a score using this method as well. for every traffic ticket i contest, instead of dealing with the symbiotic relationship between the police force and court system where you’re destined to pay regardless of circumstance. i would challenge the officer to Space CTF match in Q3A! (Q3CTF4 is the best map ever… IDGAF)

but for those who don’t know about this game (generation call of duty, and console gamers alike) this IS the game that brought online gladiator style competition to fruition! Unreal Tournament is prolly runner up…

because of it’s staying power they eventually tried to breathe new life into the game with Quake Live. but with the tier system that was implemented, most new bloods didn’t stand a chance… and after getting aced by the pro’s all the time, the population dwindled and ceased to grow. and this is where it get’s technical, a personal theory of mine and subject matter where “pro’s” and myself don’t meet eye to eye…

dr. evil meme


it’s not aimbot

it’s not wallhack

it’s not lagswitching

it’s forcemodel… the next best thing that technically isn’t cheating? all the “pro’s” allegedly use this technique. and because of the cyber athleticism aspect of the game, i find it similar to the doping that’s commonly seen in major sports. it’s not the steroids/juicing that aimbot is, but an alternative like powdered monkey nut. i believe this trend started in quake 2 where gamers would force larger models and custom skins to make other players an easier target. an exploit to significantly increase their performance… spoon fed frags, brought to you by gerber. (aimbot would be feeding tube)

forcemodel i believe was intended for debugging or for slower machines with limited resources, thus forcing every player to “sarge“… also forcemodel is used as a failsafe in case you didn’t have a custom model a player was using… for instance i believe “crash” is forced for female and “sarge” for male. i’m OK with forcing models for practice with bots, as an exercise… (kinda reminds me of Metal Gear VR missions). but somehow this trend snowballed and devolved to the culture it’s become today. apparently people use mods like CPMA and OSP and force whatever models/colors they want… (i must admit the quick weapon change sounds nice, and i do love me some grappling hook… but forcing models is still fighting without honor!)

it’s not a brilliant heroic deed, it’s the selfish unethical usage to one’s own advantage.

banks, lawyers, wall street, big business, politicians, government… gamers?

i recently had the liberty to play with one of the best Q3A players of all time (i’ve spec’d before and it was like the movie limitless meets Q3A), whom soon after X amount of frags claimed to be bored. then in somewhat of a “condescending wonka” demeanor i had to chime in, and said i’d be bored too…

…if everybody was “tankJR” on my screen!

then expressed my opinion that forcing models is like juicing and those players should have asterisks next to their names for using it, example: UnnamedPlayer*

he said tankjr doesn’t change the hitbox size (which is true) and using bright yellow “keel” was the best, then claimed i was a moron, played terrible, had a shitty attitude, and was opinionated… personal attacks vs. my fairly accurate assessment.

dr. evil meme

an opinionated opinion!?


on the contrary, i thought i had a pretty good attitude for not rage quitting after having my ass constantly handed to me.

and even better sportsmanship for seeing my opponent as the character they chose… they were using “visor“.

we came to an understanding on it’s competitive use but it didn’t change my opinion. there’s no sponsorship, there’s no titles to be had, no prize, this isn’t Fatal1ty vs. Rapha… so srsly, wtF!? don’t tell me forcing models is like choosing what shoes you’re wearing on the basketball court. your own player model is the shoes your sporting on the court. and forcing my player model to be otherwise is negating the shoes i’ve selected for myself. forcing models isn’t choosing golf clubs either… the clubs would be the weapons you find on the map and the opponent would be the ball, and you’re bindings can be your caddy… ready my 9 iron!

/bind a “say 455CL0WN”

it’s all a valiant attempt at dancing around the subject, but i don’t want to hear or see anymore deluded excuses like these ever again… even low ping doesn’t validate the use of forcemodel.

but… competitive evolution…

you want a challenge? how about forcemodel everyone as “bones” without a bright skin… umadpro?

you want entertainment? maybe wash the game out a little more until it’s back to pong… no characters, just blips. no spices, seasonings, personality, honor, or soul… just keep dumbing it down as much as you can in hopes to leave nothing to chance… now that’s a recipe for excitement! rinse, repeat, and just keep fucking that chicken and huffing eachothers farts!



luckily there’s no forceopinion. i’m sure that would get exploited too.

whatever, it’s just a game

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