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digital rights mismanagement


DRM is a shit tactic that’s worse than the piracy they allegedly wish to prevent.

fucking assclowns

these animated .gif’s illustrate the dilemma rather well.

sunny in philadelphia

pirates may have instigated developers to use DRM, but only the customers are really affected by it.

lolcats reenactment

as you can see, developers have gone from playing victim to actually being the bad guys now… and the customers are the victims. pirates might actually be the good guys since they’re the ones who can circumvent the abomination that is DRM! the heros we deserve, but wouldn’t need if DRM wasn’t such a godamn problem to begin with…

pirates vs. publishers action scene

i’ve always purchased my games, (generally on sale or ebay) and if i really like a title i’ll get it for other platforms too… like crysis on PC/playstation. but after my last experience purchasing a physical copy of fallout: new vegas ultimate edition @fry’s electronics, i had to install steam and download the expansions before i could play anything. what’s the fucking point of the disc? a godamn placebo?

fucking pointless…

out of this world codewheel

i would rather use a codewheel than have bloatware like steam on my box. i understand steam has great deals and can expose you to titles you wouldn’t normally know about, but when it’s forced upon you without a choice that’s just bad business. specially if steam service ends one day and you can’t play anything from the massive library you’ve accrued with them. this changes my whole gaming mentality, for instance a $60+ game like skyrim that i would normally wait for $30-45 on sale… i will now wait until it’s < $10 because it’s tainted with steam/DRM.

fallout: new vegas ultimate edition is < $10 on amazon… that’s the price i should’ve gotten it at.

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